New Path of Exile Patch Focuses on PvP Play

Path of Exile is releasing a new patch on December 12th with two new League Challenges, three different style PvP tournaments, and new items and gameplay improvements.
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Path of Exile, a free online action RPG, will be releasing new content for the game: Patch 1.3.0. The patch will be available on December 12 at 5pm (PT), roughly 11 days and 20 hours from the publication of this article.

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Path of Exile focuses on custom characterization, a large barter system, and competitive PvP (player versus player). The game has seven character classes to choose from: Witch, Duelist, Scion, Shadow, Ranger, Templar, and Marauder. The Marauder relies mainly on Strength, the Witch has Intelligence, and the Ranger utilizes Dexterity. The Duelist combines Strength and Dexterity, the Templar combines Strength and Intelligence, and the Shadow combines Dexterity and Intelligence. The Scion uses all three attributes. Players focus on correctly mixing their attributes, skills, and style of gameplay to find what suits them best.

The 1.3.0 Patch focuses mainly on PvP play and tournaments.

For instance, the patch will contain two new “Challenge Leagues”, separate game worlds with their own economies and ladders, Each league has their own individual eight challenges, which reward players with a Totem Pole decoration in their Hideout.

The Torment Challenge League involves the spirits of tormented criminals that possess enemies, imbue monsters with powers, and leave improved item drops. The Bloodlines Challenge League is more hardcore than the Torment Challenge League. It involves groups of monsters with synergistic powers, such as immortality near their slain brethen and the ability construct an Animated Guardian. (See the video above for an example of the Bloodlines Challenge League in action).

This patch also introduces PvP tournaments and revamped gameplay. Players can work with Leo Redmane, Master of the Arena, to complete PvP challenges for rewards. Unlike other Masters, Leo doesn’t take up a slot in your Hideout, so you can add him to your group of Masters.

There are three PvP tournaments.

  • Free-For-All Tournaments happen in the Sarn arena, where you are awarded points for each kill and are teleported to other arenas after death.
  • Blitz Tournaments are rapid duels where you receive a new opponent at the end of each fight; the goal is to win as many duels as possible within a time limit. 
  • Swiss Tournaments match players with similar records against each other; these are highly competitive bouts with a best-of-seven regimented system.

Free-For-All and Blitz tournaments occur during the week, while Swiss tournaments occur on weekends. Weekend tournaments offer better prizes from sponsors, but overall top players are invited to an exclusive tournament at the end of the season.

Path of Exile is also offering an exclusive PvP character; gamers can start with a base character at level 28 that will be used only for these duels and tournaments. This allows players to try out different builds for PvP gameplay without the stress of having to level multiple characters just for the tournaments.

Path of Exile is also making hundreds of other edits, including improved gameplay, an updated passive skill tree, and new gems and items. With the huge focus on PvP play, the patch could entice new players to the game and compel continuing gameplay from existing players. All this being said, what part of the update are you most excited for?

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