New Persona 5: Scramble Character Trailers Showcase Yusuke, Ann

The new Persona 5 Scramble character trailers give us a glimpse at each character's specialized combat and more.

Atlus just keeps pumping out new Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers info. Over the past several days, the developer has released two new character trailers. 

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The new character trailers showcase some of what we can expect out of eccentric starving artist Yusuke Kitagawa and the glamorous model Ann Takamaki.

P5 Scramble: Yusuke Kitagawa Character Trailer

The Yusuke character trailer shows off familiar areas in different forms and provides some background for Yusuke’s part in Scramble‘s plot. We see a familiar street lined with stately-looking homes, but in a red-washed, eerie looking palette. There’s a glimpse of the Alice in Wonderland themed area  as well.

More importantly, now know that P5S will feature animated cutscenes throughout, just like its predecessor.

Yusuke uses the ice Persona Goemon, and his attack style is similar to his attack in Persona 5: slow and powerful while using a katana.

You can see the Yusuke character trailer at the top of this article. 

P5 Scramble: Ann Takamaki Character Trailer

Ann Takamaki was the focus of another trailer just a week ago, and you can see the English dubbed version above courtesy of YouTuber Lettuce Sauce.

Ann’s trailer shows her welcoming phone-child Sophia to the Phantom Thieves, but the trailer’s main emphasis is combat. In keeping with Ann’s role in the first game and occupation as a model, Ann’s fighting style is flashy and dramatic.

She switches between her whip attacks and machine gun, before calling her fire Persona Carmen for a devastating special attack.

We don’t see much more of what the world has to offer, though Ann’s trailer does show some of the exploration elements promised during the lengthy Scramble livestream last month.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020 — but only in Japan. Fret not Western Persona fans. Just a month later, Persona 5: The Royal, an expanded edition of Persona 5, will launch in the West on PlayStation 4.

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