New Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Trailer Shows off Lush CG Style

Departure from the norm it may be, but Mewtwo Strikes Back's CG style sure does look good.

Departure from the norm it may be, but Mewtwo Strikes Back's CG style sure does look good.
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Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is launching soon in Japan, July 12 in fact, and it just recently got a new trailer featuring some lengthier CG segments, including the dramatic cloned Pokemon battle.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is a 1:1 remake of the first Pokemon movie from way back in 1998. It’s loosely connected to a side-plot in Pokemon Red and Blue, where Team Rocket, Giovanni in particular, experiments with Pokemon genetics to recreate the mythical Mew.

Instead, they get a substandard clone dubbed Mewtwo who, while not quite up to snuff with its bubblegum-pink counterpart, can still use its psychic powers to cause a good deal of trouble.

Despite being a direct remake, it seems there’s some effort to emphasize one of the film’s key themes — all life is worthy of love and respect — through the film’s main song. That song is Rita Ora’s “Let You Love Me,” which is basically asking why the singer is apparently unworthy of love; it doesn’t take much to connect that to the unloved psychic monster Mewtwo.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution caused a bit of a stir with its drastic departure from the original’s hand-drawn style. It’s naturally not something many fans associate with the franchise, but the trailer shows it’s used to good and dramatic effect nonetheless. It’s also the second big change-up for Pokemon we’ve seen this year, not long after the live-action Detective Pikachu‘s grittier, more realistic style.

Fans pining for a Pokemon film in the usual style won’t have too long to wait, though. As CPokemon reports, a special screening of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution shown during Anime Expo 2019 teased a new Pokemon film for 2020 done in a hand-drawn style. Not much else is known about this film, other than Pikachu slides down vines at some point.

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is set for a November 17 release date in the US.

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