Prepare to run away from the spooky new Ghost World update for Portal Knights

New Portal Knights update comes bearing lots of spooky content

Prepare to run away from the spooky new Ghost World update for Portal Knights

Keen Games and 505 Games this week released a new ghost world update for their sandbox action-adventure game, Portal Knights. The game, currently in Early Access on Steam, is a fantasy crafting adventure set in a land full of islands which are connected by portals.

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The new content allows players to explore creepy buildings, eerie graveyards, and lots and lots of gravestones in a new Ghost World. To add to the spookiness of it all, a mysterious mist has crept in over the land. Players will also be able to pit themselves against spider-esque foes, mummies and a variation on the Hollow Man.

As well as the introduction of the Ghost World, the new update comes with loads of other features for the game:

  • A new event system with random occurrences across the world
  • More recipes and monster “trophy” furniture items
  • An all-new brick dungeon to explore
  • Stone furniture recipes dropped throughout the ghost world
  • New character customization features including hairstyles, voices, beards, mouths and eyes.

Also, upon request from the Portal Knights community, the developers have made it so that items can also now be dropped from the inventory into the game world straight from the backpack.

To mark the launch of the new update, players can participate in the Early Access for 20% off the standard game price, making it $11.99. Portal Knights is currently only available for Windows.

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