Rune Factory 5 sees the series' traditional combat return alongside a cast of distinctive characters.

New Rune Factory 5 Characters, Combat Outlined by Marvelous

Rune Factory 5 sees the series' traditional combat return alongside a cast of distinctive characters.

Marvelous shared some more details on Rune Factory 5‘s quirky characters and combat ahead of the game’s May 20 release date in Japan.

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Randolph and Yuki are a husband-and-wife team managing Rigberth’s bakery. She’s easygoing and accepts everyone for who they are, while he’s eager to develop a unique bread with his name attached to it.

Heinz is another local shopkeeper, though one who’s decidedly less trustworthy. He never looks people in the eye and is desperate to offload his shop on someone else so he can enjoy himself.

Doug is his opposite, a sincere Dwarven blacksmith locked in a struggle with the town’s older women who refuse to acknowledge he’s not the bumbling young dwarf they knew of old.

The last new Rune Factory 5 character Marvelous introduced is Palmo Crasi Viviage, the town carpenter who looks suspiciously similar to Rune Factory 4’s Porcoline. Like Porcoline, there’s more to Palmo than meets the eye. He’s an internationally renowned architect who built most of Rigberth.

Marvelous also briefly highlighted Rune Factory 5‘s combat, which seems similar to Rune Factory 4‘s. Players choose from eight weapons, including hammers, fists, swords, and spears, and they also use a variety of Rune Powers — Rune Factory speak for magic — to damage enemies and restore their own health.

Townspeople and befriended monsters can join exploration adventures, and members of Seed, the local monster ranger team, can capture or befriend monsters during battle using the Seed Circle.

Rune Factory 5‘s Western release date is still undetermined, though it’s planned for release sometime in 2021. That gives you plenty of time to check out Rune factory 4 Special if you haven’t yet.

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