New Ships To Appear In Halo Miniatures

The Halo Miniatures game will introduce new ships to the Halo universe.
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The Halo Miniatures game will be adding new never before seen ships to the Halo universe. Some of the ships have been mentioned before, but never seen on camera. Other ships will be completely new designed for the tabletop game.

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ORS-class Heavy Cruiser

The ORS was designed mainly by Spartan staff (not the soldiers) from other previously existing Covenant ships. 343 Industries stated that Spartan Games understood the design behind Covenant ships and the concept of the ORS was quickly green-lit for production.



The ORS will be close to 15cm long on the table top and nearly 3km in length in scale. Any commander would surely fill with dread watching this ship approach. The ORS will be one of the largest ships in space and in the game.

CCS-Class Cruiser

The CCS was one of the many ships that has already been in the Halo universe for a while. The Spartan design team wanted to make sure they could produce a miniature as real to the existing ship as possible.

The SDV-class Corvette

The SDV-class would be a small model when placed on the tabletop, but Spartan wanted to make sure to get all the possible detail on such a recognizable ship.

Epoch Class Heavy Carrier

This large ship underwent several concepts before finally sealing the deal. The Epoch was designed to share cues from all UNSC ships post and pre-war. This ship is meant to show what the humans would put together when building a large ship solely for combat purposes.

The Epoch-class is one of the only tools the UNSC can muster to combat a formidable ship like the ORS from The Covenant. Every part of this ship will show the dedication that Spartan has to detail on their models.

Marathon-class Heavy Cruiser

The Halcyon-class was originally going to fit in the medium class spot, but the story and design team felt the Marathon didn't fit in the current setting. It doesn't mean the Halcyon won't show up eventually.

Paris-class Frigate

The Paris-class fits in the smallest ship category for the new game, but won't diminish it's role. The only changes needed when designing this model were those necessary due to the small size of the model.

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 If you are looking to learn more about the upcoming Halo miniatures, keep an eye out on the Spartan website and the Halo Waypoint Blog.

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