New Survival Instinct Trailer Is Still Just Actors Talking

There's a new trailer for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct... and it STILL doesn't show any significant amount of gameplay.
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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is getting close to release.  The game has had a bumpy start from a marketing standpoint, with the first trailer becoming publicly available turning out to be an unofficial creation from an out-dated development build of the game.

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The first official trailer to come out showed absolutely zero actual gameplay, while the second showed only short flashes of gameplay, giving no clue whatsoever to what the actual game will be like.  To top off this last-minute list of issues, we also learned the game isn’t even releasing on Wii U in Australia, due to a lack of demand.

Now we have another new trailer, and once again it is the two actors everyone knows from the show talking about the game and how cool it is while we get short flashes of in-game footage that amounts to very little.  The game could still be awesome, or it could still be a glorified first-person shooter with delusions of depth.

Considering Survival Instinct actually releases in about a week, I won’t be gambling my money on that much uncertainty.

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