New Terraria 1.2 Video Shows Painting, Colorful Waterfalls, and Rocket Launcher

Some good news and some bad news for Terraria fans.

Some good news and some bad news for Terraria fans.

I’m not the only one excited for Terraria 1.2, right? Redigit is promising over 1,000 new items coming to the PC version of the game, which will effectively make 1.2 the largest update Terraria has yet to see. Quite surprising for a game that was supposed to be dead!

The video above shows some of the neat new stuff coming in the update. The block painting, half-blocks, color-switching waterfall, mini map, and rocket launcher are all brand new to the game. Redigit’s friendly pet friend is also new, as are several new items if you pay attention to the inventory screen.

This is a delight, and I couldn’t be more excited! Unfortunately, there is one downside here:
 Terraria 1.2’s release has been pushed back to July. This was announced in the video’s description on YouTube:

Preview for the slopehalfblockwaterfallpaintrocketlaucheromgwhatisthatthingeater’sbone 1.2 update. Also there is a minimap. The update is far from done, we are aiming for a July release. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

A bit happy, a bit sad. It’s better we get as high quality of a patch as we can get, but my little sandbox-loving heart is having difficulty with the waiting. At least we now have a semi-solid release window for the 1.2 update.

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