New Tomb Raider DLC to be an XBOX360 Timed Exclusive

After finding out about this piece of DLC's timed exclusivity, I turned 360 degrees and walked away.
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The reboot of the Tomb Raider series has gotten some great reviews so far. I am still not quite finished with it, but when I do, I will write something singing its praises. Normally, I am not too into DLC, but I like this game enough to be excited about its upcoming release “Caves and Cliffs.” The only problem, though, is that it is a 360 timed exclusive.

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Caves and Cliffs will feature three all new multiplayer maps. These maps will be Scavenger Caverns, Cliff Shantytown, and Burning Village. They seem to be taken from places played during the campaign.

I’m cautiously excited for this bit of DLC. Tomb Raider is a pretty great game, but it’s not fair for platform favoritism to come into play when it comes to DLC being released. Here’s to hoping that they make some more single player content and that it is released on all platforms at the same time.

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