New Trailer, Demo Available for Final Fantasy 16, Part of Pre-Launch Celebration

The Ascension trailer reveals more Eikon battles than ever before.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix kicked off their Final Fantasy 16 pre-launch celebrations with a new trailer, a demo and more. The celebration is a giant hype fest before the June 22 launch of FF16. Featuring panels, a mini movie, and the new trailer the celebration dropped plenty of new content for fans to chew on. Here’s what we know about the latest trailer and demo.

The demo is now available for PS5. You’ll be able to play through the Prologue to get a head start on your in game journey. The Prologue starts during the tragic event that sends main protagonist Clive Rosfield down his path of revenge.

Along with the Prologue content, a special battle event will trigger when the Prologue completes. With unlocked abilities this battle is a great way to test out the new mechanics along and in game combos. Progress made during the demo will carry over to the full game once released, so don’t worry about having to play through the beginning again.

The newest trailer, titled Ascension really focuses in on the various fights between Eikons and their Dominants. Through these hardships, Clive battles for his friends and loved ones, fully embracing the role of the First Shield of Rosaria. We get to Ifrit in action again, along with Phoenix and more Eikons. An adrenaline pumping, combat fueled trailer, I know I’m not the only excited to check out battle for themselves.

June 22 is a mere 10 days away. Ten more days until the full launch of Final Fantasy 16 on PS5. Stay tuned for more news as we inch closer to release, as well as guides, our review and other helpful content once June 22 is upon us.

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