New Trailer Released for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The next main series Pokemon game just got a brand new teaser.

The next entry in the main series of Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, has just teased fans with a brand new trailer that reveals a little bit more about the upcoming title. 

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This trailer, which you can view above, features many characters that fans will recognize, including Professor Kukui, Lillie, and Guzma. There are also some characters we’ve never seen before, like a man with a handlebar mustache and evil villain beard. This character might be part of a new evil team, or just a part of Team Aether in a new uniform. 

One notable thing about this trailer is the scene in which we see the player character riding on the back of Lunala. It appears as though this detail is teasing the ability to control Lunala like trainers were able to do with Latios or Latias in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

A lot of the trailer appears to take place in what would be late game, so there is still much to find out about in regards to how this game will be different from Sun and Moon. Stay tuned for more details as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon gets closer to launch!

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