New trailer reveals June 2016 release for No Man’s Sky

No Man's Land arrives on PS4 June 2016!

No Man's Land arrives on PS4 June 2016!

Whether you’ve seen it sprawled across the Internet or simply heard about it through a friend of a friend, the new space exploration game No Man’s Sky has been slowly making waves throughout the gaming community. And it’s coming next summer.

No Man’s Sky was first announced back in 2013 and has been getting a lot of attention for its sheer size and scale. The game focuses on exploration moreso than story, and is said to feature 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 randomly generated planets for players to discover. Yes, that number is real – and yes, it would take entire lifetimes to fully discover them all. That being said, the aim of the game is to perpetually keep things fresh.

There hasn’t been much revealed about the game since it first showed up, but we do know that the game comes from newcomer Hello Games. This only leads to more speculation and general worry from the gaming community, many of whom believe it impossible to keep things truly original with computer generated content.

Thanks to a new gameplay trailer released today, we now know that No Man’s Sky is set for a June 2016 release. We also know that it’s absolutely stunning and features more combat than initially thought.

Look for No Man’s Sky June 2016 on PlayStation 4. No release window yet for PC.

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