New Trailer Shows Off More Galar Pokemon, Gym Leaders, and Gigantamaxing

The Pokemon Company teases an additional form change on top of Dynamaxing, not to mention the different Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The Pokemon Company teases an additional form change on top of Dynamaxing, not to mention the different Gym Leaders in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The Pokemon Company quietly released a new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer packed with details about new Pokemon, an additional form of Dynamaxing, and what looks like another first for the series: Gym Leaders that differ depending on the version of the game.

First up is Alcremie, a pure Fairy-type that looks like a variation of Kalos’s Slurpuff — not too surprising given how close Galar and Kalos might be. Its ability is Sweet Veil.

Next is the official reveal of Yamper, the Electric-type Corgi who’s a very good boy indeed and sports the Ball Fetch ability.

A new Pokemon game wouldn’t be complete without a new Rock-type ‘mon, and Galar’s contribution is Rolycoly. It’s pure Rock, unlike many similar monsters, and it has two possible abilities: Steam Engine and Heat Proof.

Galar has a new Dragon type as well, the Steel/Dragon hybrid Duraludon. It’s two possible abilities are Light Metal and Heavy Metal. It’s worth noting this particular type combination is the first of its kind — and finally ends Ice types’ reign of terror over the majestic dragon Pokemon.

Another first of its kind was shown off as well: branching Gym Leaders. The trailer showed Milo and Nessa, which we already know about, and then it showed Bea, a Fighting-type Gym Leader.

What’s different about Bea’s introduction, though, is that there’s a “Pokemon Sword” logo on the screen; the next leader is Allister, a Ghost-type leader, and a Pokemon Shield logo is on screen for the duration of the clip.

What towns have which Gyms will differ depending on whether the player is playing Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. During the Gym Challenge, players’ clothing changes to a special uniform, and they can choose the three numbers that will appear on it.

We also get a glimpse of two more characters, Chairman Rose and the rather suspicious looking Oleana. They’re the brains behind turning the Gym Challenge into a national phenomenon, but what their function is remains a mystery for now.

Finally, there’s Gigantamaxing. No, Dynamaxing hasn’t already been replaced. Gigantamaxing is exactly what it sounds like and is quite similar to Mega Evolutions.

It’s not completely certain from the trailer whether Dynamaxing is required before a trainer can Gigantamax, but either way, once it happens, the Pokemon changes appearance and, naturally, power, gaining a new G-Max move.

Unlike Dynamaxing, though, Gigantamaxing is limited to “select Pokemon,” which is also like Mega Evolution.

As a reminder, Pokemon Sword and Shield launch worldwide November 15 for Nintendo Switch.

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