New Trials of Mana Trailer Shows Combat, Abilities

Trials of Mana is shaping up to be a worthy remake of one of the best RPGs on the Super Famicom.
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I know I’m completely the odd one out when I say I’m looking forward to Trials of Mana more than Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I’ve always wanted to play a more complete and fully functional Trials of Mana, not necessarily a reimagining of FF7.

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Square Enix has steadily been releasing new trailers for the upcoming remake as its April 24 release date closes in. The latest one finally shows combat, some old features kept intact, and a new ability system.

Trials of Mana will allow players to build a party of three out of six character options. As they level up, they will be allowed to change into dark- or light-aligned classes with unique skills and stats. That’s the way it worked in the original game, and here, in the remake, players will also be able to augment their characters with one of over 300 active or passive abilities.

It appears character swapping is back, too, as well as the seed growth and day and night systems.

It appears nearly the full Trials of Mana experience is coming packed into this remake, with the only notable exclusion being multiplayer. Players will be able to swap their controlled character on the fly as with the original title, but won’t be able to play local or online co-op.

This is only one of the three Square Enix remakes/remasters coming this year celebrating the company’s past accomplishments.

The first is Final Fantasy 7 Remake, releasing April 10; Trials of Mana is the second coming in on April 24; and the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remaster is scheduled to release sometime this summer. It’s a good year to be into JRPGs!

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