New Watchdogs (Story) Trailer!

Watchdogs is back and coming in fast so it seems customary that we get something to relight our interest before the release.

He’s back everyone! The world hasn’t heard a peek from watchdogs since it was delayed back in 2013. If you actually went back to my Most Anticipated Games of 2014 you would see that watchdogs was my number 1 and that excitement still hasn’t burned out.
In this one, in a very blockbuster trailer style,  we see what the actual story is going to be like and that was big because all we’ve seen was some free-roam gameplay (good gameplay but still) and a brief synopsis of the plot. Our lovely main character has a bounty hovering over his head  (Probably because he fucked with me on GTA Online) and he’s out to find out why and during so he obtains powers beyond his wildest imaginations and he comes on the verge of a plot that is much bigger than his self.

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This was a short one guys but the main reason I wrote this was to get people pumped for Watchdogs when it hits this May and maybe relight the fire that was brewing in them for playing Watchdogs at PS4 launch only to have a bucket of water thrown onto them hearing it was delayed but hopefully it was all for the best. To achieve the true “Next-Gen” experience.

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