New weapons and frightening monsters in the latest MHX trailer

The newest trailer for Monster Hunter X delivers more footage of weapon abilities and the ferocious beasts to use them on.
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The newest trailer for Monster Hunter X hit the internet earlier this week and it shows off plenty of ferocious monster hunting footage. Fans of the series will notice classic monsters like Rathalos and Zinogre featured, but with new moves and status effects to make hunting them much more difficult. 

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The first half of the trailer focuses on the new weapons and moves that MHX will feature. The series introduced several new weapons to the original line up in MH4U and continues to further improve upon them for MHX. The gunlance, for example, is shown the most in the trailer with a host of new abilities. 

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The second half of the trailer switches to suspenseful music to highlight the new monsters players will face. The official Monster Hunter Wiki has a list of all monsters featured in the game, both returning favorites and new comers, and the list is long. Although it does not contain as many total hunts as MH4U, MHX will have 82 beasts for players to tackle with 14 different weapons. 

The trailer doesn’t leave out Monster Hunter hallmarks like the Guildmarm or the Caravan, and it shows lots of Palico love too. The trailer also hints at some of the new towns players will visit and the characters they’ll meet along the way. 

Though MHX doesn’t have a western release date yet, after the success of MH4U we can only hope it comes our way soon.

What do you think of the latest MHX trailer? Are you pumped for monster hunting action? Check out the debut trailer for more info on the world of Monster Hunter and really get yourself excited!

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