New Wii U Pokemon Game Could be on the Horizon

A short teaser clip could hint at a new Pokemon Stadium coming to the Wii U.

A short teaser clip could hint at a new Pokemon Stadium coming to the Wii U.

Something amazing happened at the Pokemon Game Show event in Japan yesterday.

Featured at the event was a video retrospective of all the games in the Pokemon series. It even included the awesome Pokemon card game. Ultimately, the video reaches its expected end with Pokemon X and Y before fading out into the release date. But then something else slowly fades onto the screen. It is a static filled clip of a Lucario facing off against a Blaziken and both characters are 3D models.

What Could This Mean?

The general consensus seems to be that it is a teaser for a new Wii U game. Pokemon has received a few console games that revolve specifically around stadium combat (Pokemon Stadium). This could be a hint that a new Pokemon Stadium-style game could be coming out soon after Pokemon X and Y. This could be another move by Nintendo to link the Wii U with the 3DS, as they did with Monster Hunter 3.

The clip could also be a teaser for a full Pokemon RPG on the Wii U, but this seems much more unlikely and there is no real evidence that this could be the case.

As someone who was already looking forward to getting the new Pokemon games, I would welcome a new stadium game with open arms.

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