Newly Launched VGRHQ Gives Game Critics Their Day in the Sun

A new site aims to applaud those who work so hard, and often get so little in return. Game critics finally get some recognition!
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Having been a video game critic for about 15  years now, I know it’s a thankless job.

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I also know it’s one of the most misunderstood jobs out there, and it really drives me nuts when people just scoff and say, “You get to play games for a living, so stop complaining.” Yeah, well, “living” is a very subjective term, first of all. Secondly, the process usually degrades into pure drudgery, which everyone seems to forget.

And yet, video game reviews are critical. They’re so often the reason a game sinks or swims in this industry, and it’s long past time to acknowledge the role of the critic. That’s why I think it’s cool to see a site like Video Game Review HQ, which is way overdue, in my opinion.

Here’s my favorite part of the site’s introduction:

“Video Game Review HQ acknowledges the video game critic because apparently, nobody else will. Where are our accolades and awards for a job well done? Why does virtually every other entertainment medium on earth have critics who enjoy far more exposure and recognition than even the most visible game critic?  We at VGRHQ can’t accept this lack of recognition.”

They’ve already featured sites like Polygon, Den of Geek, gamrReview, DarkZero and GamingBolt, and they make a point of singling out the Honored Sources, too.

Man, I hope this works. Too many people have no idea what is required to be a game critic, and far too many think it’s a hundred times easier and more glamorous than it really is.

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