Next Tomb Raider’s Engine Will Boast “Significant Enhancements”

The next Tomb Raider installment will use the Definitive Edition's engine.

The next Tomb Raider installment will use the Definitive Edition's engine.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is just around the corner, and it features plenty of really cool visual upgrades.

These are due to the enhanced Crystal Engine, which allows the designers to create even more authentic environments and visual effects. Now, we know this team is working on the next Lara Croft adventure, so will they be using a brand new engine? Nope, they’ll be using the engine on display in the Definitive Edition, only with “significant enhancements.”

During a Q&A session in the Eidos forums, a gamer asked the developer if the current engine could create the next Tomb Raider game. Crystal Dynamics replied:

“We made major overhauls to the Crystal Engine to make Tomb Raider, and then we made a lot of enhancements in the Definitive Edition. We’ll likely make some significant enhancements for the sequel as well. So we benefit from the robust and mature toolset and foundational technology of the Crystal Engine, but each time out we overhaul whatever is needed to make the game we want.”

We don’t have any details on the next game yet, but we’re definitely anticipating something special. As for using the same engine, that’s no big deal. Call of Duty has been using the same engine for like seven years now…although it’s startin’ to show.

We just want more Lara

It was a successful reboot and a great reinvention of a video game icon. They’ve laid the groundwork for a really special new adventure, and I can’t wait to learn more about it. Don’t forget that Crystal Dynamics is working on several other next-gen projects as well!

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