Nicole Nymh hits E3 – Day 2 in pictures!

Here you get to see what I saw on Day 2 at E3!

Razerblade Pro gaming laptop- watch for more details.

Dragon's Crown was a huge hit, there were foam crowns everywhere today!

Retro Gaming by Innex had so many cables for classic consoles, I didn't even know what to do with myself. Watch out Ebay!

Innovative new toy combines virtual reality with mobile app, watch for a preview!

Sony brought a fantastic immersive Gran Turismo 6 experience, and a pretty pretty car.

The Xbox One gaming stations were packed all day.

This guy is SUPER inconspicuous.


Sony <3 Devs- Well played.


Indiecade packed a WHOLE ton of awesome into a very small space- more on the indiecade booth to come! was here helping remind gamers that god loves them, and that gaming isn't a sin. Plus swag.

Disney-- making E3 magical. Watch for my feedback on the Disney Fantasia demo I got to try!


Someone let these minions loose on the show floor, and they spread giggles and adorableness everywhere.

The PDP booth was aglow with Afterglow peripherals for all systems.

Impressive, but how on earth does this guy sleep?

Sony Online Entertainment showed a ton of free to play games, including Dragon's Prophet!

Castlevania teams were definitely prepared, but the line for demo was easily 100 people long.

Hey there Parappa the Rapper- nice to see you too.

Nyko Diner- mistakenly I immediately thought they might have food. Jerks.