Nidhogg 2 Confirmed by Indie Developer Messhof

The sequel to the 1-on-1 sword fighting simulator indie hit Nidhogg has been announced by it's developer.

Indie developer Mark Essen, also known as “Messhof”, recently confirmed that his game Nidhogg — an intense one-on-one sword-fighting game spiritually akin to a high-end Atari 2600 game — will be receiving a sequel. Nidhogg 2 was tesed on YouTube with a very short clip of edited gameplay, and was confirmed on Twitter in a post by Mark Essen:

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The extremely brief teaser used to announce the game doesn’t tell us very much. But, from what little can be seen, Nidhogg 2 will add a bit more depth to the foundation of the first game in the form of new weapon types. How much these additions will truly change the gameplay is yet to be seen.

The trailer also clearly showed off the sequel’s new, cartoonish, and yet oddly grotesque artstyle. Where the first Nidhogg had a very simple aesthetic that resembled a high-budget Atari or Amiga game, Nidhogg 2 goes for a more detailed look. The result is refreshing yet undeniably bizarre. The public reaction to this new look has been very mixed so far, with some people even dismissing the game entirely because of it. Hopefully the actual gameplay will win people over in the end, and we can all come to love it.  

Nidhogg 2 is planned for release some time in 2017.

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