Nightmares Can be Played Out Next-Gen Style: Among the Sleep is Coming to the PS4!

Highly anticipated toddler-horror game Among the Sleep is going to be released for the PS4.

Highly anticipated toddler-horror game Among the Sleep is going to be released for the PS4.

Players have been wildly anticipating the release of Among the Sleep since the developers released an alpha version with the Kickstarter campaign last year for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Oculus Rift. On Tuesday, Ole Andreas Jordet, CEO and programmer for Krillbite, posted an article on the PlayStation blog that has PlayStation lovers ecstatic: their upcoming game Among the Sleep will be available for PlayStation 4. But the really exciting news comes with the second part of the announcement—not only is it available for the PS4, but Among the Sleep will be “among the first to explore PlayStation’s new virtual reality technology Project Morpheus.”

The 2011 Norwegian Game Awards Hype and Hamar Game Challenge winners have worked nonstop on their horror game for the past few years. As a small and relatively new indie Norwegian studio, the production was slow at first—beginning as a side student project considering that developers had to all work to finance it. But after raising almost $250,000 from just over 8,100 backers from their Kickstarter campaign almost a year ago, they have been able to focus solely on the game.

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror adventure from the perspective of a two-year old with no one but a trusted teddy bear to keep you company. After you are put to bed one night, weird and slightly terrifying events begins to occur. The first person aspect completely engrosses the player in the wild imagination of a child and the fears of the things that go bump in the night. Although it is told from a child’s perspective, Jordet urges that the game is not suitable for children.

Krillbite says that they are “so close” to the final product and have released multiple teaser videos of in-game footage as well as an Oculus Rift Alpha teaser. Though there is not an announced release date, the full version of Among the Sleep will be available later on this year for Windows, OS X, Linux, and PS4. Jordet urges interested players to keep an eye out during the next month as we can expect much more from the developers even before this year’s E3 in June.

The alpha version of Among the Sleep can be downloaded here through Kickstarter or from their website and can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux; the Oculus Rift Alpha download can be found here

The PS4 version of the game can be pre-ordered through their website for $19.99.

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