Nintendo Explains the New Multiplayer System For Smash Bros, and Reveals A New 3DS Mode.

Nintendo details how the new multiplayer lobbies will work in Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U, along with a new 3DS mode
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During today’s Smash Bros. focused Nintendo Direct, Nintendo detailed how the new multiplayer system will work.

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In Smash Bros., you will be able to play with anyone, not just friends.

Also, your online matches will no longer be anonymous; your online account is now linked to Nintendo Network ID. You will also be able to report other players for bad behavior, and a temporary ban will be enforced for purposeful suicides, frequently dropping matches, cheating, starting up matches and not playing, and falsely reporting other players. 

Multiplayer in Smash Bros. will have different modes to play in when playing online. When playing with friends online or locally, you can choose which items appear, choose the levels, an customize all the features of a battle. When playing against others online though, you can choose between two different modes:

For Fun mode and For Glory mode

In For Fun mode, the stage selection is random (there will be no Final Destination), and all items appear. Also, only your wins matter in this mode, as your losses do not get recorded. For Glory mode is for the serious player. All battles take place on Final Destination, there will be no items, and both your wins and losses both count. Though Final Destination is the only level used, all stages will have a Final Destination form, keeping players from playing the same setting over and over. This will definitely be a mode for the serious tourney players to strut their stuff.

Smash Bros. will also have a new matchmaking system called the Global Smash Power, though it is different from the traditional leaderboard.

In this system, The higher your number, the better you are. If you have a rank of 6,000, that means that you are better than 6,000 people. It is not yet clear how Nintendo calculates those numbers. The 3DS version of the game will also feature an exclusive mode called Smash Run mode. In a four-player dungeon inspired by the over world from Kirby’s Air Ride, you will explore the dungeon while collecting power-ups  that enhance your stats, such as attack, defense, etc. After five minutes of beefing up, you will jump into battle. This mode sounds interesting, and makes me wonder what exclusives the Wii U version will have.

 It seems Nintendo is separating the casual from the hardcore.

They are probably trying to separate the trolls like me (yes, I am that kind of person) from those who take the game seriously. The Smash Run mode sounds like a good time, and will definitely be something I jump into with my fellow Smash Bros. players. I am now wondering if Nintendo will include some way to watch or stream the For Glory mode, and if that will become the tournament standard. Either way, Smash Bros. has always been one of my favorite game series, and this entry has a lot to prove this Summer and Winter.

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