Nintendo Force Magazine Filling Nintendo Power Void

Nintendo Power might be dead, but its spirit lives on in Nintendo Force Magazine.

Nintendo Power might be dead, but its spirit lives on in Nintendo Force Magazine.

Nintendo Power closing its doors was like the end of an era for many gamers and was just one of many publications having to close its doors in 2012. In a strange twist, it seems the magazine’s spirit lives on: Nintendo Force Magazine is coming this way, and it’s kind of a big deal.

A magazine filled with the best names in Nintendo-related journalism and media is a Nintendo fan’s dream — and it’s coming true.

IGN’s Lucas Thomas has put great efforts toward ensuring that Nintendo Power doesn’t die. After the announcement of the magazine’s closure, he began a quest to keep its legacy alive. Thomas contacted some of the most enthusiastic Nintendo-centric professionals on the internet, and eventually got 16 of them on Nintendo Force Magazine staff.

The list of names joining Nintendo Force Magazine are as follows:

  • Aaron Kaluszka – Nintendo World Report
  • Camille Young – Sculpture artist
  • Corbie Dillard – Nintendo Life
  • Daan Koopman – Nintendaan
  • David Oxford – TMMN, Mario’s Hat, 1UP
  • Evan Campbell – Nintendojo
  • Jon Kay – Designer
  • Jonathan Holmes – Destructoid
  • Josh Thomas – The Bit Block
  • Kevin Cassidy – GoNintendo
  • Lucas Thomas – IGN
  • Mark Kelly – NinDB, Fryguy64
  • Matthew Taranto – Brawl in the Family
  • Neal Ronaghan – Nintendo World Report
  • Robert Hughes – GoNintendo, comic artist

There isn’t much information past what has been published on the Nintendo Force Magazine website just yet, but you can be in the know when something new is announced by watching for news on their Twitter and Facebook.

Source: Nintendo Force Magazine
Via: Polygon

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