Nintendo is Dropping a Sea Green 2DS on June 6th

Take your pick in a ever increasingly large range of colors and designs.

Take your pick in a ever increasingly large range of colors and designs.

When it comes to rolling out a particular product in many different colors as well as special editions, you could say that Nintendo is an old hand at such a particular strategy. The even stranger thing is, many people tend to fall for it over and over. Those of you who happen to own a Nintendo 3DS – surely you have been tempted at one point or another to actually buy another 3DS simply because it comes in a different color, size, or in a special edition? Well, the Nintendo 2DS model too, is to receive a Sea Green shade this coming June 6th, 2014, for around $130.

Could this be intended as bundle option set to coincide with the release of Tomodachi Life, which comes out the same day? The Japan-exclusive Mint x White 3DS XL released along with the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life last year.

Bundle or no bundle this will now bring the 2DS model range up to 4 with Red x White, Blue x Black, newly added Pink x White and now Sea Green x White. Not to mention the countless range of 3DS variations to Nintendo’s handheld family (around 70 to my knowledge). What one have you already got or if you don’t do any of the new ones take your fancy?

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