Nintendo Is Making a White PlayStation 4 According to Major Media Outlet

Apparently Nintendo is developing the white PS4...

It is surprising when an established media outlet like the Los Angeles Times gets a story completely wrong. 

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According to the LA Times, Nintendo has revealed a white PlayStation 4. Not only that, but the article goes on to say that it is bundling Bungie’s Destiny with the system and it “serves as another nudge for Nintendo fans…”.

Take a look at this pic by EA Sports head Peter Moore:

Sure, there really is a white PS4 bundle with Destiny included. However, it isn’t Nintendo who makes it, it’s Sony.

As journalists, we try to keep the facts straight. At the very least, we try our very best to keep names of companies and hardware together. Even here on GameSkinny, there are some quality editors that read every post and make sure that the information is accurate. They do a really good job too!

If you are going to write, fact checking is something that needs to be taken seriously. Fact checking is also something we, as readers, take very seriously. How can we expect to get true and accurate information from a media outlet that lets something this large slip through?

As journalists, we’ve all made our mistakes. No one is perfect. The fact is though that if the LA Times wants to have a gaming audience, they need to make sure that they at least get the big industry names straight. 

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