Nintendo Looking Into VR

Nintendo is looking into VR.

Nintendo is looking into VR.

During Nintendo’s 76th annual investor’s meeting, President Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that Nintendo is indeed looking into implementing virtual reality technologies into Nintendo hardware. 

When asked about new virtual reality possibilities, Tatsumi said the following:

“Let’s talk about VR first. We are well aware that other companies are developing games and game-related products using VR technologies, and that consumers are interested in all of this. I cannot say anything specific at this time, but understand that we also consider VR to be a promising technology, and we are conducting research with much interest.”

You can find the full translated transcript of the meeting on Nintendo’s official site

We can infer that since the NX is close to launching, that it will not use VR — unless Nintendo decides to throw a curveball and implement basic VR capabilities into the NX.

Nintendo is no stranger to basic VR technology, as they tried experimenting with the VR back 1995 with the Virtual Boy system, which was a critical and commercial flop. 

Interestingly enough, during the meeting, Nintendo discussed the future of the popular “Iwata Asks” interviews, to which they said they are in discussion of adapting the format after Iwata’s death. 

Nintendo also said that they are not affected by the “Brexit“.

Nintendo has not stated how or when they plan on using virtual reality technology.

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