Nintendo Power Is Now Available to Read On Wayback Machine!

You can read up to the year 2001 of Nintendo Power FOR FREE online

You can read up to the year 2001 of Nintendo Power FOR FREE online

Thanks to the Internet, you will now be able to read the first 12 years of Nintendo Power goodness. Nintendo Power was a gaming magazine which covered Nintendo hardware and games, and they did news and reviews as well for all games on Nintendo consoles. They also did opinion pieces, much like GameSkinny does.  But the publication discontinued back in December 2012 at Volume 285. 

For those who may not know what Nintendo Power is, you might recall always seeing a subscription card in Nintendo games, such as Zelda and even sometimes Pokemon. If you filled that out and sent it in, you were able to pay for the magazine and get the guide book for whatever game it was you were playing as well. 

In spite of the discontinuation, fans are now able to read Nintendo Power issues all the way up to the year 2001. It is unknown if the rest of the once popular gaming magazine will be uploaded as well or not. I am hoping that we will get other dead gaming magazines out there on the Wayback Machine in the future.

Were you an avid reader of Nintendo Power back in the day, or wrote in a letter that was featured? Sound off in the comments!

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