Nintendo removes up and downvote totals from Federation Force trailer

The Metroid Prime: Federation Force video was downvoted so rapidly upon release that Nintendo was forced to remove the button to save face

We all know how “salty” gamers – and especially fanboys and girls – can get about their favorite games. Well, it turns out that the salt has reached critical mass for Metroid Prime: Federation Force as Nintendo has removed the Likes and Dislikes count from the video only several hours since its release.

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The Metroid Prime: Federation Force trailer – which can be found here or above – received a multitude of downvotes the very second it was released. This likely prompted Nintendo to remove the likes and dislikes meter as a precaution to save face.

When the counts were last seen the like-dislike count was approximately 140 likes to 4,000 dislikes

Such a harsh reaction can only lead to the conclusion that fans of the Metroid series have already made up their minds about Federation Force, long before the game has had a chance to be released. This is quite troublesome for the Metroid series as a whole, since Federation Force will be the first entry the series has had since Other M in 2010.

On that note, Metroid: Other M was another game that was poorly received by fans for having a different gameplay style, and for giving Samus a voice and story. While the gameplay’s reception varies from person to person, the story was so poorly written that any attempts at clever analogies and metaphors were about as subtle as a bludgeoning tool to the funny bone.

However, despite the worst of these criticisms, Metroid: Other M at least had the privilege of being released before being ravenously torn apart by the fans. Federation Force on the other hand has had such negative press and reception that it is surprising Nintendo has yet to pull the plug on the Metroid series as a whole.

The comments in the image above successfully summarizes the entire Metroid Prime: Federation Force comments section, debates, and discussions all in less than 40 words…

Hopefully, once the game is released, Nintendo will be able to prove that Federation Force is a game worth the visiting for fans of the series. The Metroid series has seen gradually decreasing sales ever since the first Metroid Prime on the GameCube, and it is easy to understand that the company has been trying its best to find a new niche for the series. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be that niche, and with any luck Nintendo won’t take this bad reception as a sign that the series is dead.

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