Nintendo, Say Hello To Sony

Is it over for Nintendo thanks to Sony's Playstation 4?

Is it over for Nintendo thanks to Sony's Playstation 4?

Japan has finally had its launch of Sony’s Playstation 4. During its launch week, over 322,000 consoles were sold in the home market. How is Nintendo handling this?

Nintendo 3DS console sales have been on the decline since last year’s 74,000 to 41,000, and then to 30,000 sold during the week of February 23rd. This says quite a lot, especially when the PS4 and 3DS don’t have the same audience or price tag.

Nintendo thought that in preparation for Sony’s PS4 launch that they’d launch a new Dragon’s Quest Monsters title for the 3DS in hopes it’d help, but it seems that it didn’t get them very far.

Is Nintendo doomed?

With Nintendo’s significant drop in sales, especially during the PS4 debut, it’s safe to say that consumer interest in Japan has changed. The Wii U’s sales are pretty dead – even in Japan. All Nintendo has is depending on their 3DS, and not even that is a safe bet any longer.

North American and European markets are dominated by Xbox and Playstation consoles. Nintendo’s only hope to stay alive is for solid 3DS sales in Japan, in my opinion… allowing other games on their system for a sales boost, or possibly make a move with Mario to the iPad in order to survive despite their claims of never going mobile. A move like this may need to come sooner than Nintendo may have expected.

Don’t you think Nintendo is making a mistake by ignoring mobile? Will Sony be the end of Nintendo?

Do you think Nintendo is done for?

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