Nintendo Says the Wii U Has More Games than You Think

Nintendo gives a funny retort to the claim the Wii U has a thin games library, using a hashtag, a flow chart, and a video.

Nintendo contends that its Wii U console now has plenty of games, and it’s using social media to make its case.

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In a recent tweet on the Nintendo UK Twitter handle, Nintendo has attempted to face head-on the claim that the Wii U lacks a library of decent titles to choose from. The tweet includes the hastage #TheTimeisNow and a link to cheeky “logic” flow chart.

Nintendo reviews some of its best-selling Wii U titles and franchises with the flow chart, including Super Smash Bros.Mario Kart 8, and Hyrule Warrirors. It also makes a point of mentioning its titles available on Virtual Console, recent high review scores of its newer games, and special bundle offers for some titles.

(For a larger view, click on the chart below to open in a new tab.)


Nintendo has been trying for some time to dispel the notion that its game selection is inadequate compared to the likes of the Xbox One and PS4. That was one of the main critqiues of the Wii U early on in its run, but it seems that more and more consumers are deciding to take a chance on the console. Back in October, Nintendo reported that it had reached 7 million sold units. It also finally turned a profit this autumn due to Wii U and 3DS sales, the release of Mario Kart 8 and the continued success of older titles.

The Nintendo UK tweet also linked to a YouTube video showcasing some cutscenes and gameplay from popular Wii U titles (see below).

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