As investor confidence grows, leading to what appears a solid market year for Nintendo.

Nintendo Share Value Increases in 2016

As investor confidence grows, leading to what appears a solid market year for Nintendo.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Nintendo. According to the Bloomberg report, over 9% value was added in just one trading day. After a rocky 2015, Nintendo’s share value has rebounded to an above average level in Japan. The fickle nature of the stock market means that there have been some dips here and there, but there has been an overall increase so far in 2016. 

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With an increase to an overall market value and a rise in their DeNA stock, Nintendo is set to rebound in 2016.

Bloomberg also reports that investment group, Macquarie raised its rating on Nintendo. DeNA stock also rose over 3%. This increase may be due to the recent confirmation that Miitomo is on schedule for a March release. Overall, it is impressive to see that Nintendo’s share value is not only holding firm with the market, but actually improving far above the average rate. 

So after years of struggling, why the sudden increase? Some might say it is due to the rumored announcement and launch of the Nintendo NX later this year. A new system brings a new hope (and new software) — which is important after the disappointing Wii U. This may be Nintendo’s last shot at staying in the hardware business, so shareholders and gamers alike are hoping it’s big. Nothing would turn around the market more than a successful new system — just look at how the first couple years of the original Wii launch made up for the lackluster GameCube sales. 

Don’t underestimate Nintendo’s hold on the portable gaming market. 

The portable market has always been a strong area of Nintendo, and diving into the mobile games market is sure to strengthen it’s hold. With titles such as Pokemon Go and more DeNA apps on the way, there is plenty for investors to consider as positives for 2016.

The question remains, though: will Nintendo release another portable gaming device? Or is the NX a replacement for both their home and portable hardware? 

With E3 on other gaming press events on the horizon, Nintendo is set to make a splash in 2016, and it better. With the disappointment of the Wii U, Nintendo really has one more shot to turn the ship around, before it sinks. 

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