Nintendo Shows Off It’s Indies With a New “Nindies” Showcase

Old friends, and unexpected launches abound!

Old friends, and unexpected launches abound!

Nintendo’s strong support of the indie scene has been fairly strong in the last few years, and with the Nintendo Switch coming out just a few days from now, Nintendo gave us a look at the future of their indie title support with today’s “Nindies Showcase.” While some were games that we have been looking forward to for some time now, there were some new titles thrown into the mix.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

SteamWorld Dig 2

Starting off the showcase was none other than SteamWorld Dig 2. Fans of the well-reviewed SteamWorld Dig will now be able to take it on the go on the Nintendo Switch.

While we don’t know much about the title just yet, the game is a Metroidvania title much like the first title. The story is also centered around a young steambot in search of a lost friend, and must dig deep into the world to find them.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is expected to launch in the summer of 2017.


More anticipated than unexpected, Yooka-Laylee was also shown off during the Nindies Showcase. Inspired and created by the team responsible for Banjo-Kazooie, Yooka-Laylee is the spiritual successor of the popular Nintendo 64 series. While it was originally expected to come out on the Wii U, fans who are now transferring over from the dying console can at least be glad to know that the Switch will be hosting the title in its stead.

It should also be noted that the Nintendo Switch receiving Yooka-Laylee also means that it will be the only way of getting a portable version of the title. The title is also expected to release sooner than later, according to the presenter.

Other Team 17 Titles

The Nintendo Switch showcase also made a note that two other titles will be coming to the console. The first is The Escapists 2While this cult favorite strategy title was already announced in the late part of last year, it has now been revealed that it will be receiving a sequel on the Nintendo Switch as well.

The other title revealed was Overcooked, a multiplayer cookoff title in which players try to successfully finish as many meals as possible. The version coming to the Nintendo Switch is a special edition containing all of the DLC found in earlier releases of the title, and promises to be a fun party game for those interested.

Both Overcooked and The Escapists 2 are expected to come out later this year.


Gonner is a roguelike platformer in which the protagonist — Ikk — tries to find a gift for his friend Sally. The game is procedurally generated, and players can expect to pick up all sorts of abilities and upgrades in their attempts to find the best gift possible in the darkness of this platformer.

Gonner will be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, and is expected to release later in 2017.


Long Hat House’s 2D platformer, Dandara, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2017. While it is also on Google Play and the App Store, the Switch version of the title will have bonus features — including HD Rumble support.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is another title getting new features on the Nintendo Switch. The original title, which can be found on the Apple Store, will be updated for the Nintendo Switch — with one of the new features being a new co-op mode. It will also be released sometime later in 2017.

Runner 3

Runner 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive title. This is the third title in the quirky on-rail platformer series, and is expected to come to the console in fall of 2017.

Blaster Master-Zero

Anyone who is an owner of the NES classic Blaster Master will be excited to know that a revival of the title, dubbed Blaster Master-Zero, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The developer is none other than Inti Creates — the developer responsible for other revivals such as Azure Striker Gunvolt and older titles like Megaman Zero.

The game will be released simultaneously for both the Nintendo Switch and 3DS on March 9th.

Flipping Death

Flipping Death is a puzzle-solving game in which you take control of Penny, a recently deceased woman whose job is fulfilling the wishes of the deceased. To do this, Penny must possess the bodies of the living and get them to do whatever task she has been assigned. The catch? She can’t fully control them.

This quirky and fun puzzle solver doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but is expected to release sometime later in 2017 or in 2018.

Graceful Explosion Machine

Graceful Explosion Machine is a side-scrolling arcade shooter that has you controlling none other than the GEM itself through multiple colorful worlds. With 4 different weapons at their disposal, players will have to navigate the worlds carefully while trying to rack up the highest score possible. The game will also feature HD Rumble support, and so you can expect to feel every single thing you do in this shooter title.

Graceful Explosion Machine is expected to release in April 2017.

Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty is a top-down action game that has you taking control of the titular character in various heists involving combat, and teleportation powers. The game features 18 stages with over 140 levels, as well as one-shot-kill combat. Players will have to be on their toes to make sure that each task gets completed with expert precision.

Mr. Shifty will be a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch, and comes out in April.


TumbleSeed is a physics based roguelike platformer that has players taking control of a seed that is trying to save its home. By mastering seed powers, players will have to carefully climb the mountain in an attempt to accomplish this adventurous task.

We’re not kidding… and neither are the developers.

TumbleSeed will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Spring, and will also take advantage of the HD Rumble.

Shakedown: Hawaii

The successor to Retro City RampageShakedown: Hawaii is a top down shooter that evokes much of the 16-bit era in terms of gameplay. The title is expected to release in April, and will be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

ChuckleFish Games

Pocket Rumble

Pocket Rumble is a 2D fighter that evokes an art style reminiscent of old handheld consoles like the GameBoy. It promises to be a deep fighting game with mechanics not often seen in other titles. Pocket Rumble also features HD Rumble support, so that players will feel the difference between stronger and weaker hits.

Pocket Rumble comes out on the Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive later in March.


Wargroove is a ChuckleFish game that’s fairly reminiscent of Intelligent Systems’ Advance Wars series — but in a medieval setting. The game will feature 12 campaigns and 12 different commanders. It will also support both local and online multiplayer functionality for up to 4 players.

Wargroove will also offer a feature rarely seen in the tactical RPG realm — the ability to create your own battlefields. As such, expect a lot of Advance Wars map remakes once players get their hands on this title.

Wargroove will be coming out later in 2017.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has finally been announced as a Nintendo Switch title, and will also be the first console to support multiplayer for the game. Not much else was said about the title, however, but players should be on the lookout for more information before it launches in the Summer of 2017.

That’s it for now!

Plenty of indie titles are on their way to the Nintendo Switch, and plenty more have yet to come. The titles so far make for a strong lineup for the Nintendo Switch, a console that will need more 3rd party support to make up for the space between 1st party titles. Hopefully this will be the news that fans needed in order to reassure them about the upcoming console’s future.

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