Nintendo Sues Three Companies for Illegal Selling of R4 Flashcarts

R4 Flashcarts banned from Japan.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

It looks like today is Nintendo and 49 other companies’ lucky day. Three companies have been found selling illegal R4 Flashcarts for the Nintendo DS. The three companies, Seafort Japan, Mediaforce, and Magical Company, now face charges for $1 million, says the court of Japan. The R4 Flashcarts that were being sold by these companies were not hacker-proof, allowing the consumers to pirate information onto them, unlike the government-approved ones. The violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act means failure to:

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“[Ensure] the correct implementation of international commitments in this regard and fair competition among operators, to take measures of international agreements related to unfair competition and prevention of unfair competition, the law Article 1, health of the national economy It is intended to contribute to the development.”

In case you haven’t heard of it, the R4 Flashcart is a nifty little device which allows for easier set-up and a more enjoyable gaming experience due to the lack of extra components you have to buy. The R4 supports everything on the DS with no hassle at all, and includes some great features. However, the R4s are now prohibited from being on sale in Japan, after a year’s worth of fighting. 

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