Nintendo Teases New Arms Fighter

New fighter, arena, and arms teased.

New fighter, arena, and arms teased.

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter account has released a video of a new playable character for Nintendo’s unconventional fighting game, who is battling in a new arena.

This new content is set to be released in the game’s next patch. This was originally confirmed in a Japanese tweet from an official ARMS account on August 8, which was translated to English by @PushDustIn.

The grainy video, although difficult to make out, shows the fighter battling with new fast spinning Arms which seem to resemble nunchucks. The mysterious character also seems to have a headband holding up his/her bunched-up hair and is wearing what appears to be Persian-style Harem pants, which may be a clue as to the character’s country of origin. 

Check it out for yourself below:

The new stage matches the previously teased image of a candy themed arena with the game’s announcer, Biff, relaxing with some coffee in the foreground. With “Sweet” being on the list of recently leaked character code-names, it stands to reason that the fighter and their stage will be candy-themed.

More details are sure to follow soon, so keep your eyes on GameSkinny for updates!

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