Nintendo Trademarks “EMBLEM”, Hints At New Game

Nintendo trademarks game "Fire Emblem" and "Emblem" ahead of schedule.

Nintendo trademarks game "Fire Emblem" and "Emblem" ahead of schedule.
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Dust off that Ragnell and get your party ready, because Fire Emblem may soon be coming back.  Nintendo has been seen registering the words “Fire Emblem” and “EMBLEM” in Japan today.  While registering trademark words does not guarantee a new game, the interesting thing about this is that Nintendo’s current trademarks on those words were not set to expire for some time.  The fact that it has renewed its trademark so early is a good sign that the next Fire Emblem is in development.

At E3 this year, while everyone was focused on Sony and Microsoft with their new consoles, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said that their strategy is to focus on the games and provide awesome first party content that would get gamers excited for the Wii U.  Though Fire Emblem was not mentioned at that time, it looks like the critically acclaimed franchise will be a part of that future.

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