NIS America Announces Ys IX Switch, PC Release Date

Ys IX continues Adol the Red's adventures on Nintendo Switch and PC this summer.

Ys IX continues Adol the Red's adventures on Nintendo Switch and PC this summer.

We finally have an Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Switch and PC release date. NIS America announced Ys IX on Switch and PC will release July 6. There’s no word yet whether we can expect a demo for Switch or PC, though it’s possible NIS America will announce that in the coming weeks.

Ys IX follows Adol Christin on yet another new adventure, but things take a darker twist this time. Adol’s chucked in prison in the city of Balduq for reasons unknown, and there’s something not quite right lurking in the city’s shadows.

There’s also you lurking in the city’s shadows. Adol and a group of other malcontents determined to change the city for the better possess Monstrum powers and rid the city of the otherworldly menace plaguing its streets — when they can. The darkness threatening Balduq and the world is greater than they realize, however.

We thoroughly enjoyed Ys IX when it released earlier in 2021 for PlayStation 4. It’s a huge step forward for the series in presentation, rewarding you at every turn for exploring the city and unfolding some of the series’ best characterization to date.

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