NISA Talks Ys 9 Release Date and The Prison City of Balduq

Ys 9 gets a release date for PlayStation 4, and Adol Christin goes to prison.

Ys 9 gets a release date for PlayStation 4, and Adol Christin goes to prison.

NIS America recently announced an anticipated Ys 9: Monstrum Nox release date of February 2, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and gave an overview of Adol Christin’s latest journey during a recent press event.

Ys 9′s setting makes a sharp 180 turn from Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana‘s vast tropical island. Where Ys 8 is all about exploring the island, Ys 9 takes place entirely in one main area: Balduq the Prison City and a few surrounding locations.

Despite seeming limited in geographic scope, Balduq is a huge city full of secrets to uncover and quests to undertake. Keeping track of all this is simplified, since quests and other necessities get handled back at Adol’s base, like in Ys 8.

Adol arrives in Balduq following the events of Ys 7, which technically takes place after Ys 8. But like the rest of the Ys series, no knowledge of previous games is needed to understand what’s going on here.

As things unfold, Adol encounters a mysterious woman named Aprilis, who shoots him with an equally mysterious gun. The shot somehow transforms Adol into a Monstrum called the Crimson King, granting him special powers called Gifts that help out in battle and exploration.

He’s not the only Monstrum in Balduq either. Adol eventually meets six other playable Monstrum on his journey to uncover Balduq’s dark secrets.

Outside Gifts, Ys 9 brings back combat systems from Ys 8, including Flash Guard and Flash Moves, along with skills and special moves for each character.

Ys 9: Monstrum Nox launches February 2, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and later in 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PC. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Ys 9 news as it develops.

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