Far Cry: Primal can either nail it or get nailed, burnt and buried.

No love for Far Cry: Primal

Far Cry: Primal can either nail it or get nailed, burnt and buried.
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A month ahead of the official release and the gaming community has already started to judge Far Cry Primal. The verdict? Not so good.

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A lot of people have already started calling it a re-skin of Far Cry 4, an opinion no one who saw the trailer and gameplay can argue with. Some are fidgeting at the thought of “gun-less Far Cry,” I mean, come on, who doesn’t like shooting Amita and Sabal before bombing their lifeless bodies?

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There’s also the issue of co-op being stripped from the game and people are divided on their opinion. Good thing or bad thing? While others may not like the single player campaign, some are adamant that stripping co-op elements is simply not something that will completely destroy a game.

There are after all a lot of games with strong single player campaigns that tend to be extremely enjoyable.Skyrim for one, and yes, some of you will say you can take stewards with you, but the game is just as enjoyable playing alone. 

On the plus side, Far Cry: Primal has adopted the mechanics of Far Cry 4‘s Shangri-La mission. Not a lot of people liked this, but it was something new and maybe Ubisoft has polished it enough to be something fresh and enjoyable. Plus, seriously, it’s almost like playing Pokémon, except not as cool. Sorry Ubisoft. 

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