Nolan North Seemingly Outs The Last of Us 2

Nathan Drake himself has casually outed The Last of Us 2.

Nathan Drake himself has casually outed The Last of Us 2.

Iconic voice actor Nolan North has seemingly revealed the existence of a sequel to The Last of Us. (Spoilers Ahead)

As seen in the video below, North says “I know they’re doing a Last of Us 2 but my character in Last of Us kind of had an untimely demise.”

This may of course have been a throwaway comment but North is close to Naughty Dog and has a fair amount of credibility. North played David in The Last of Us, a fact that Naughty Dog kept secret until the game was released. David was a morally ambiguous individual and an atypical character for North to voice. 

A sequel to The Last of Us would come as no surprise given how incredibly well received the game was and the fact that it sold over 8 million copies – an amazing number for a new, console exclusive IP. Additionally, in May of last year, Marek Okon, a Polish artist who worked on promotional art for the original game, released some concept art for an apparent sequel, which showed an older Ellie.

The concept art is beautiful and shows a glum-looking Ellie, surrounded by soldiers and what looks like the toxic spores, to which she is immune. Naturally the internet melted at the supposed leak of a sequel but Okon quickly responded and said it was personal concept art that was just a tease and in no way related to an actual game, time will tell if Okon was being completely honest.

Nolan North is famous for voicing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, the fourth installment of which is set to release next year. He has also voiced Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed, Penguin in the Batman: Arkham series, Deadpool in the 2013 game, and various other characters in Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, God of War, Halo, Prince of Persia and Ratchet and Clank.

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