Novus Aeterno Funded – Love Child of Starcraft and EVE

Novus Aeterno, Persistent Universe AAA MMO RTS for gamers by gamers. Successfully funded!! Reserve your spot in the universe while you can!
MMORTS, you say?
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MMORTS stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game. Long have people around the world waited for this game: Novus Aeterno. It is the first truly seamless and persistent universe for an MMO that happens to be an RTS. Can this game usher in a new era of online strategy gaming? This is a process you will want to be a part of.

History made in under 110 hours. Successfully funded. Stretch goals quickly approaching. 

Yesterday (12/14/2013), a handful of fans gathered in the official Twitch channel for the game along with the CEO of Taitale, Nick Nieuwoudt and a few of his co-workers as history was made. 

In under three hours, the Stream was able to raise over $5,000, fulfilling the funding goal. It was around $81,200 when I first wrote this and it continues to climb with no end in sight. As I type this, the number will most certainly tick up bit by bit until we are left, once again, wide-eyed and awe-struck. has the project pushing past $650,000, but could this be something much larger? Let me tell you: as someone who plays the game already, I can see this project pushing far past $650,000. 

Many of us have desired quests for galactic conquest and true empire building – a dream that anyone who knows what an MMORTS is has dreamt of on more than one occasion. In my case, a daily reoccurrence and personal goal. I eat, sleep and drink MMORTS games, having played every title imaginable (one of the many benefits of being my own boss)! This gives me unique insight into the “universe” of this game.

A project that is the passion of millions of people around the world.

When I first heard the game devs were going to do a stream and forge ahead with release plans, I had no idea how in-depth the dev team would get. Needless to say, everyone watching that first stream was absolutely blown away. The amount of work they have done over the last few years without a big publisher is a testament to the pure passion involved behind the scenes of this game’s development. 

These guys love what they do and do what they love, having made it very clear at every turn. One viewing of any of their streams will back that claim as you bear witness to the utter joy experienced by the devs as they take questions and explain the game. What a truly mind-blowing experience! To think that there are game development companies out there (gaming gods bless CIG and CR) that don’t just think about the bottom line. That gamers would be so passionate that they would build the world that the average publisher has denied us all for the last decade or longer. 

Novus Aeterno: A love child of Starcraft and EvE

Let me just say as someone who has experienced both – SPOT ON! Not only are the graphics amazing but simple visuals such as the way the buildings are deployed will have you in awe.

You start your journey with one planet, in the big black void of space. Through militaristic, economic and diplomatic means you will play the game, form alliances with other players and build or destroy empires as you see fit. You are truly the master of your own destiny. With a universe and it’s story that is completely open-ended. Consisting of an unimaginable number of solar systems for you to explore, build, destroy, terraform and much more. Being a persistent universe, ALL of the power is given to the players themselves. While they do plan PvE it is obvious (thank goodness!) that PvP will be the focus of this game.

Sound interesting? IT’S HAPPENING!

As I stated previously, this project is successfully funded but there is a lot more that we, as fans, can do to make this game even better! Head over to their Kickstarter page at and reserve your home in the universe!

Keep your eyes on the Steam store, they have verified that they’ll be there soon! I’ll see you in the universe, people! Tell em’ Czar sent ya!

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