Now on Twitch: Watch a Fish Play Pokémon (Streaming)

A fish is playing Pokémon right now. That is all.
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The internet is known for constantly challenging our perceptions of what ‘weird’ entails. Now it brings us a fish that is capable of playing a game. That’s right, Grayson Hopper the fish is playing Pokémon right now as we go about our daily routines. This gameplay is kindly being streamed through Twitch for our enjoyment. Lucky us!

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At first there was Twitch plays Pokémon, which attracted thousands of people from around the world to take part in this immense online stream in an attempt to complete Pokémon Red. They participated by inputting button presses: up, down, left, right, A, B, and Start into the streams comments to control the movements of their Pokémon Trainer. This social experiment proved to be very popular and successful at the time, with 121,000 people both watching and playing at the games highest peak. It’s still progressing now, currently playing Pokémon Stadium 2 with over 64 million views.

How Does a Fish Play Pokemon?

But now that is all old news with Fish plays Pokémon being the newest popular Pokémon stream on Twitch! Grayson Hopper captivates its audience by swimming around in his small fish bowl, with parts of it designated to control the games movements and action calls. He currently plays Pokémon Red/Blue, but progress is proving to be slow at the moment. Despite this, the Twitch streams chat have high hopes of Grayson’s abilities to become the very best Pokémon Trainer!

“Grayson has been playing for around 125 hours. Last time I checked, Grayson had acquired his first Pokemon, a charmander named AAAABBK and defeated his first opponent, the rival’s squirtle!”

-Grayson’s Owner


There has now been a ‘Randomize’ section of the fish bowl added, which will make the game function at random from the move or action buttons. This is proving to dramatically help the (still rather slow) pace that Grayson is playing the game at. But it’s okay Grayson, we don’t blame you, you’re only a fish after all.

As soon as I stumbled across this incredibly ridiculous, yet strangely captivating stream, I had to share it with my friends. The most interesting response I got back from this was: “Do you think he knows he’s playing?”

No, I don’t think he knows he’s playing Pokémon.

Nor does he know that over 6,500 people are currently watching him live with over 48,000 overall views with these figures growing at an alarming rate. He’s oblivious of his new-found Twitch fame!

The main topic of Fish plays Pokemon’s chat: “Is Grayson dead?”

No, the fish is not dead. He just sleeps sometimes.

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