Nun Attack Heads to PS Vita, Getting Rebalancing and Improved Visuals

Nun Attack is making its way to the PSN microtransaction-free.

Nun Attack is making its way to the PSN microtransaction-free.

Nun Attack has made its rounds on iOS and Android, and it stood among one of the most critically acclaimed mobile games of 2012. PlayStation Vita owners will be able to try their hand at Frima Studio’s holy action game starting today.

Frima Studio assures that the PS Vita version totes improved visuals along with rebalanced weapons and leveling in comparison to the title’s mobile roots. The microtransactions found in the mobile versions of the game have been removed, and the levels have been rebalanced to reflect that as well.

Those unfamiliar with Nun Attack may be surprised to see that the game packs in 80 different weapons, 40 missions, 7 miracles to cast, and 4 separate nuns to play. Players must take control of Eva, Rosy, Mandy, and Olga to defeat The Fallen Nun and her undead minions.

Nun Attack will be heading to the PlayStation Network today for $2.99. Check out the trailer above if you’re not too sure about bringing a group of nuns on a vengeful yet holy Vita outing.

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