Nvidia’s Project Logan Gives You PC Graphics on Smartphones

PC graphics on your smartphone. Wicked cool or totally pointless?
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Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced when it comes to processing speed, memory and now, graphics too. Nvidia is working on upgrading graphics in smartphones using the Kepler graphics architecture in computers. Soon, your phone will be just as good for playing games as your computer. In the SIGGRAPH conference in Greece this week, Nvidia tested Project Logan on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4-powered PC games. This new processor is even better than the PS3’s. Pretty weird, huh?

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What’s really cool about Project Logan is shown in the demonstration of running “Ira” on a tablet. The demo was first tried on the GTX Titan, the company’s $1,000 desktop GPU, but clearly, the facial features of Ira are detailed enough to be recognizable as various emotions. The amount of detail and precision put into the face is incredible. Although the demo on the tablet doesn’t quite compare to the GTX Titan, this is truly a revolutionary time for graphics technology. 

Nvidia says,

Project Logan is energy-efficient, capable of running at levels within “the mobile power envelope” and even at one-third the wattage of current tablet GPUs, such as the A6X processor found in Apple’s iPad.

What do you think? Is this overkill or super awesome? 

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