Obsidian’s Avowed Release Date Revealed at Summer Game Fest

A new trailer for Avowed dropped during the Xbox Gaming Showcase.

Image via Obsidian

The highly anticipated expansion on the Pillars of Eternity world, Avowed revealed a new trailer during Summer Game Fest. The trailer showed off gameplay footage and ended with the anticipated release date in 2024. Coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S, Avowed will be available day one on Xbox Games Pass. Here’s what we learned in the trailer.

A plague is spreading through the Living Lands of Eora. As the envoy of Aedyr, you’ve been sent to investigate and stop the plague. The people of the Living Lands aren’t exactly trusting of you, with your sudden appearance and strange powers. You won’t be alone on your journey, however, as Kai, the narrator of the trailer, will join you, along with others, as you adventure around the island.

At the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Game Director Carrie Patel sat down to give an in depth view of the world of Avowed. While it takes place in the same world as Pillars of Eternity, it features a different view of the world. Those who’ve played Pillars of Eternity will recognize some NPCs, areas and the Aedyr Empire. The area, however, is a different one than that of Pillars of Eternity. The world itself will be similar in size to that of the Outer Worlds or Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Instead of third person, top down game, you’ll be exploring the Living Lands area in first person. Combat is more akin to a fantasy RPG than its predecessor. You’ll get the chance to wield magic as well as weapons to fight plagued creatures, feisty flora, undead and more. While exploring, you’ll uncover hidden secrets that may destroy all you’ve come to save.

No specific launch date for Avowed was announced during the presentation aside from coming in 2024. More information is sure to appear in the coming months as the new year draws closer. When that does happen, make sure to check with us as we’ll have all the details for you.

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