Square Enix has a new tactics game on the way and it's tentatively called Project Triangle Strategy.

Octopath Traveler Devs Unveil Project Triangle Strategy

Square Enix has a new tactics game on the way and it's tentatively called Project Triangle Strategy.

The team behind Octopath Traveler is working on a new tactics game tentatively called Project Triangle StrategyProject Triangle uses Octopath‘s signature 2D-HD style and revolves around a complex morality system determining how the game plays out.

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Project Triangle takes place on the continent of Norzelia and in the three nations of Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante. It’s a rugged place with limited resources, and the struggle for salt and iron in particular has sparked an endless series of conflicts.

Choices players make at key moments in Project Triangle have a drastic effect on how the narrative unfolds, and it’s deep enough to where Square Enix said each player’s experiences will be different.

Project Triangle uses a traditional elevation-based tactics system with a few twists. Flanking foes by placing an ally unit on either side earns the chance for a powerful follow-up attack from the ally unit, while ramming them into an ally also triggers a special second strike.

Like Divinity: Original Sin, the elements play a significant role too. Players can link attacks by creating water and then casting a lightning spell on the wet area. Naturally, enemies can use these strategies, as well.

Project Triangle Strategy is set for release on Nintendo Switch in 2022, and a free Project Triangle demo is available now. Stay tuned for our impressions of it in the coming days. 

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