Official Release Date Announced for Vibrant Indie Platformer, Hue

This vivid color-switching game brings an injection of color into a monochrome world

This vivid color-switching game brings an injection of color into a monochrome world

World-renowned indie publishers Curve Digital yesterday announced that their latest puzzle-platformer, Hue, will be coming to PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and PC on August 23rd. Developed by a little-known studio called Fiddlesticks, Hue has already won multiple awards such as Casual Connect USA’s Indie Game of the Show and the winner of the Develop Indie Showcase both in 2015 and it is set to make waves upon release.

Hue has been almost universally loved whenever we’ve taken it out to shows. So we’re incredibly excited to be finally getting into people’s hands properly. We’ve spent the last couple of years in Hue’s world – it’s going to be brilliant to welcome some more visitors.”

— Dan Da Rocha, Director at Fiddlesticks

Hue takes place in a monochrome World where the inhabitants only see in black and white; however, the titular character Hue is beginning to see that the world consists of more than two colors. He is on a quest to find out why his mother disappeared and, as he goes through his journey he starts to piece together her research and discovers the ability to see the world in color.

The gameplay revolves around matching colors to overcome obstacles and complete puzzles. Even though this mechanic is indeed unique, the fact that the game also boasts full colorblind support makes Hue even more special and accessible to those who have trouble differentiating color. It does this by employing a system of matching symbols in place of matching colors. More features of the game include colored LED device support for Windows, voice work by UK television personalities Anna Acton and Matthew Wade, and an extensive soundtrack composed exclusively for Hue.

The game has been certified as suitable for anyone to play, so even children can enjoy it. Hue will be available onPlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Windows PC (via Steam) for $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99.

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