Offline Support and Balance Changes Made with New Dota 2 Patch

Native offline support has come to Dota 2!

Native offline support has come to Dota 2!

A new update has arrived for Valve’s free-to-play game Dota 2, fixing a slew of bugs and balancing many of the game’s heroes and items. But perhaps the most exciting change is one Reddit user vtor67 pointed out: official native offline support. 

His post has a screenshot and shows the Dota 2 test client without a connection to the steam servers”, which allows them to “practice offline with bots, do quests, and do anything that wouldn’t require a connection to the steam servers.” Currently, if players would lose connection to the game, they would be unable to do anything besides accessing console commands. 

Although it remains unknown whether or not LAN support will be added to the offline mode, or even if you’ll be able to toggle between the online and offline connection while in-game versus going through the Steam client, these are exciting times for Dota 2

Would you be interested in jumping in to Dota 2 for a quick offline practice match?

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