An iconic disc style beings used for an interesting artistic style.

Old Playstation Discs Used for Marilyn Manson’s New Album

An iconic disc style beings used for an interesting artistic style.

Every child of the ’90s can remember those iconic black PlayStation discs that played the original PlayStation games.

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Now Marilyn Manson is bringing those same discs back for his new album: The Pale Emperor.   This ninth studio album by Marilyn Manson is using these particular discs not for the utility but for style.  

The original concept for the black design was to give the discs a signature PlayStation look and to prevent illegal copying; but, for Marilyn Manson, they are just pure black.

Production Manager Brian Schuman reach out to Sony for the use of the disc style. The album discs will be manufactured from the same plant as the old PlayStation discs.

So what is the reason for this artistic idea?  

One of the promotional photos for the album shows Marilyn Manson covered from head to toe in an all black outfit, black shadows over his eyes, and his mouth covered in the darkest shade of lipstick.

The main artwork for the album shows Manson in a white outfit with a ghostly double image emerging from his face.  It shows a contrast in the image with the darker tones and the white of the clothes. The disc’s pure black represents that former darkness

Hasson Rahim revealed when you open the CD it is pitch black, and in the manufacturing process a thermal texture has been added.  When the disc gets hot during playback the disc changes color to pure white. As the disc cools, it returns to the original black slowly over time.

When you open the CD it’s pitch black, but we also added a thermal texture on top after it gets hot during playback, the disc comes out all white.  The contrasting textures definitely speak for themselves when you hold the piece.


 Could this increase some sales due to PS nostalgia? Probably not, but it’s nice to see the iconic style being used once again, but in a new way.

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