Old School Runescape Servers Incoming

RuneScape's getting a downgrade in a good way.

RuneScape's getting a downgrade in a good way.

RuneScape has changed a lot over the years, and Jagex wants to know if players want the old days back. Mostly. The developer posted a poll to gauge the demand for classic servers, and that demand happens to be quite high.

As of writing, there are currently more than 188,000 votes in favor of Old School Servers. These special servers will have the old visuals and rules as RuneScape had back in the game’s 2007 build, but at the cost of a monthly subscription.

Those that vote get the first free month on the Old School Servers for free, though the subscription fee past that has yet to be determined. Jagex claims the more positive votes they receive, the lower the monthly subscription cost will be — so those of you interested, get to voting!

The RuneScape dev team will be having an chat with the community on the forums on Wednesday at 8PM GMT, and will be answering questions on their plans for the new-old servers.

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